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I’m Joe Broder, a real estate investor, interior designer, and best man of the year (according to my wife, I swear). Over my 18 years in real estate, I’ve developed a passion for homes and witnessing the process they go through, from ideas in the owner’s mind to viewing house plans and finally to development. It’s a captivating process that I’m sure you also love if you’re on this page.

A hidden secret, too, is that I’ve fallen in love with checking out the latest house plans available for development. It’s a fun hobby that I enjoy doing after a long day of work, which coincidentally helps me in my day-to-day life. Through this passion, I’ve joined my long-time friend Rowland in building this website and publishing great content we both love. We have created a few communities on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram with thousands of people just like you and me who share this passion. If you’re here from one of our pages, thanks for checking out this page!

On Luxedreamer, you’ll find only in-depth guides, tips, handpicked home plans and designs that we love personally. There will never be anything else on this site that someone from our team hasn’t handpicked, so if you find what we’ve shared useful to you, make sure you join one of our communities to stay in touch. You can also join our newsletter, where we send the best plans and guides to our subscribers.

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“Building your dream home isn’t easy without seeing what it could look like beforehand. “

Planning a Dream Home?

Behind every house plan, interior design idea, guide, and recommendation, there’s a story—a story carefully woven by Joe intended to inspire, inform, and transform your idea of what a home can be.